By 2020, there will be no domestic violence related fatalities in Clackamas County

Where We Are Now


In 2018, there were three domestic violence related homicides, and one perpetrator killed himself at the scene. 

In 2018, the county changed this measure to count all domestic violence related fatalities, including those where the perpetrator took his or her own life, or was killed by law enforcement.

The definition of "domestic violence related fatality" can be found at:

Incidents studied by the Clackamas County Fatality Review Team will include intimate partner homicides, those that took place in the context of a family/household, or involved a caregiver, bystander, or law enforcement. This broad definition was chosen to insure that those fatalities that were the result of domestic violence are part of the narrative. Domestic violence has never just been a ‘family matter’ – it impacts the entire community in multiple ways. 

Why This Is Important
Domestic violence is a contributing factor in many societal problems: homelessness, mental health disorders, childhood development with the crime of homicide being the ultimate inhumanity.
How Much Does the County Influence This?
Moderately. While Clackamas County has influence on legal and social interventions, issues such as addictions, poverty, and education play a significant role. Local law enforcement is a critical partner in this effort.

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