Performance Clackamas Results Dashboard

This page provides links to the most important part of Performance Clackamas – our results. You can click on any of the areas of focus below and see how we are doing in delivering what we say we will.

Areas of Strategic Focus

Performance period: 2018

Build Public Trust Through Good Government

Clackamas County will design and deliver services that make a difference.

Grow a Vibrant Economy

Clackamas County promotes the future prosperity of county residents.

Build a Strong Infrastructure

Clackamas County ensures long-term investments in infrastructure that support the community.

Ensure Safe, Healthy, and Secure Communities

Clackamas County focuses on the well-being of all our families and communities.

Honor, Utilize, Promote, and Invest in our Natural Resources

Clackamas County cares about the abundant resources in both urban and rural areas.

Customer Service Satisfaction

Clackamas County encourages citizens and businesses to provide valuable feedback.