By 2018, 100 percent of the County budget will be attached to measurable customer results

Where We Are Now


Currently 96% of the county's budget includes performance information.  With the completion of the final few departments adopting strategic business plans in calendar year 2019, the county will meet this goal for the FY 2020-2021 budget year.

This measure is calculated based on budget presentations, and may not include capital, contingency and reserve funds.  The denominator is the total budget represented in the presentations; the numerator is the amount accompanied by performance information.

Why This Is Important

Performance based budgets tie resources to results for customers, providing greater transparency and accountability. 

How Much Does the County Influence This?

Significantly. Within the parameters of legal and financial guidelines, it is up to the County to determine the structure of the budget and measurement of its effectiveness. 

Status Color Legend: On Target | Monitoring for Improvement | Below Plan | Data Pending