By 2022, maintain the average condition of paved county roads at 70 PCI (Pavement Condition Index) or higher.

Where We Are Now


Over the past three fiscal years, the county has contracted to repave more than 36 miles of road.  These were improved from fair or poor to either good or excellent.

The county has performed two evaluations of its road network based on a new Pavement Condition Index rating.  The third is underway now.  After the first two evaluations, the initial average condition of all paved county roads is a PCI of 72; however:

  • Urban local roads only have an average initial PCI rating of 59.
  • Current PCI ratings are based on two year’s worth of data collection and will be refined after finalizing data collections in Summer 2019.  Under the PCI rating system, a 10% sample of the road system is rated each year.  Data accuracy will continue to improve with future data collections.

Why This Is Important

Well-maintained roads support public safety, economic growth and healthy communities, and save money in the long-run for drivers, taxpayers and government agencies.

How Much Does the County Influence This?

Moderately, but it varies. Funds to maintain county roadways are only available through action of national, state and regional legislative bodies and/or support of local taxpayers.

Status Color Legend: On Target | Monitoring for Improvement | Below Plan | Data Pending