By 2019, 80% of jobs created within Clackamas County by employers receiving direct taxpayer support from the county will be annual living wage jobs.

Where We Are Now


In order to receive property tax exemptions when locating in or expanding into an enterprise zone, businesses must increase full-time, permanent employment by 10%, and (depending on the length of the property tax exemption) those new jobs must pay at least 150% of the State minimum wage (including benefits) or 150% of the Clackamas County annual average wage.  This performance measure compares required enterprise zone wages with a standardized living wage figure in order to measure whether taxpayer investment (in the form of enterprise zone property tax exemptions) is resulting in the creation of living wage jobs.

The current enterprise zone required annual wage in Clackamas County (per Business Oregon) for companies receiving a 5-year enterprise zone exemption is $77,586, and the current required annual wage for businesses receiving a 3-year exemption is $50,326. Benefits can be used to reach these levels.  Per M.I.T.’s living wage calculator, the annual living wage in Clackamas County for 1 adult is $30,347.  Accordingly, 100% of new jobs required to be created within Clackamas County by recipients of enterprise zone property tax exemptions (either 3-year or 5-year) are living wage jobs. 

Why This Is Important

Living wage jobs are a key to health, happiness and prosperity.

How Much Does the County Influence This?

Siignificantly.   While the county provides minimal taxpayer support to employers, it can impose requirements on the number and type of jobs created in exchange for that support.

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