90% commercial, industrial and multi-family land use decisions (design review) issued within 45 calendar days of application submittal

Where We Are Now


About three years ago the City of Gresham began tracking the number of design review permits issued within 60-calendar days.  Clackamas County decided to benchmark against this and found that the county was meeting the 60-day goal 100% of the time.  The county raised the bar for themselves and began targeting issuing these decisions within 45-calendar days for complete applications.

The county achieved the new goal regularly for almost three years until long-term staff began retiring or moved into other positions at the county.  Over a period of 12 months, the county replaced nearly 50% of the planning staff.  When the new staff began pulling data for this measure it became apparent that the report was not tracking when an applicant requests a postponement that delays processing, which should not be counted against the performance of this measure.

Why This Is Important

The land use application process is the first step in the approval process for a new commercial, industrial and multi-family development in Clackamas County.  Before applicants can apply for their construction permits they must get approval from the planning department because this is where they learn what design standards and improvements will be required for their project.

How Much Does the County Influence This?

The county notifies surrounding properties of proposed development and those property owners are given an opportunity to provide comments.  Once this waiting period is over, the county influences the timeliness of the final review and the amount of time it takes to issue the final approval.

Status Color Legend: On Target | Monitoring for Improvement | Below Plan | Data Pending