66% of new, single-family dwelling building permits picked up within 60 calendar days of application submittal

Where We Are Now

Why This Is Important

This measure shows how many new single family dwelling permits are picked up within 60 days of submittal.  It is important to note when looking at this metric that this measure includes both staff review time and how long it takes the customer to come in to pick up their permits.  

Often customers submit a large bundled package, which includes a number of permits for new homes.  The customer then only picks up the permits they need for the homes they want to building, letting the permits that are ready for issuance wait at the building counter.  This standard industry practice is reflected in this metric.

This measure is important as it shows the pace at which customers are picking up their approved plans.  When construction is booming permits are picked up rapidly, and as construction activity cools, the time customers take to pick up a permit increases.  Tracking this measure provides a view of overall construction activity in the County. 

How Much Does the County Influence This?

This metric shows the time it takes for the County to approve a new single-family permit package, and how long it takes the customer to come in and pick up the approved plans; therefore, both County staff and the customer influence this measure.  As noted above, with there being a standard industry practice of letting residential permits wait at the County for pick up, the customer has a significant impact on this measure.

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