By 2020, Clackamas County will achieve a Community Rating System (CRS) score for flood safety of 6, resulting in substantial savings in flood insurance premiums for County residents

Where We Are Now


Clackamas County received an initial CRS rating of 5 in 2004 which it held until the rating was downgraded to 6 in 2012. We underwent a CRS review from March to December 2015. We also engaged a consultant who provided scope and cost information for future work needed to meet this goal. Funding was not authorized for this contract. The County’s CRS rating dropped to 10 in 2016 and absent programmatic funding, this goal is unreachable.

Why This Is Important

Clackamas County is susceptible to a variety of natural disasters, including floods. An improved CRS score is a sign that the County, its communities, its businesses and residents are better prepared to cope with and recover from this common threat. 

How Much Does the County Influence This?

Moderately. Participation in the CRS program requires intensive efforts by the County, other jurisdictions, special service districts and other agencies.  

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