By 2019, the number of unsheltered veterans in Clackamas County will be zero.

Where We Are Now


The number of homeless veterans counted in the biennial Point-In-Time Count dropped 15.3% between 2017 (85) and 2019 (72). The number of unsheltered veterans dropped as well, but at roughly half the rate (down 7.7%).

Through mid-2019, eight veterans have transitioned from the Veteran's Village into permanent housing. The same service provider (from the Village) will assist the County in opening the Pleasant Avenue property this fall, which will offer 24 units prioritized for veterans experiencing homelessness in our community. 

Why This Is Important
Houseless individuals are at severe risk of harm and disadvantage. Sheltering those who have served their country demonstrates our values of service and respect.
How Much Does the County Influence This?

Significantly. Clackamas County coordinates and funds services to assist houseless individuals in emergency, temporary, supported, and permanent housing.

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