Community Indicators

Community Indicators show how the county is doing in areas where the county government has a minimal level of influence. Tracking community indicators can provide important guidance on those areas where we do have control, and provide important information on areas that might warrant a higher level of focus in the future.


  • Job growth in Clackamas County should meet or exceed the regional average.
  • Annual wages earned in Clackamas County should be at or above statewide average.
  • The county‚Äôs home ownership rate should be at or above 72%, the level before the Great Recession.
  • New Capital Asset Investment in the county should rise 2.25% year over year.

Safe Healthy and Secure Communities

  • The number of children in stable family homes will increase, as shown by a 10% annual reduction in those needing placement in foster care.
  • Ninety-five percent (95%) of county residents will have access to routine health care, defined by having health insurance and a usual place of care.
  • County health rankings will show Clackamas County among the three top ranking counties in the state in at least 90% of health measures.
  • There will be a year-over-year decrease in the number of people obtaining assistance in transitioning out of unsafe domestic situations.
  • Year-over-year difference in person crime rate.
  • Year-over-year difference in behavioral crime rate.
  • Year-over-year difference in property crime rate.

Honor, Invest and Utilize Natural Resources

  • The gross domestic product from agriculture lands in Clackamas County will increase by 5% each year.
  • Tourist activity in Clackamas County should increase at or above the statewide rate