By 2020, all Clackamas County residents will have access to high speed internet

Where We Are Now


The CBX continues to grow and has developed a network footprint that serves many locations, which includes both public and private sectors as well as telecom providers.  The CBX plus all telecom providers in Clackamas County serve approximately 93.8% of residences and businesses .  As of 2019, 23.92% of those served will have access to 1000Mbps upload packages, leaving 76.07% without gigabit service.

To reach the goal of all residents/businesses in Clackamas County with connectivity and access to 1 Gig services, there needs to be an effort by local telecoms as well as the County CBX.

This connectivity and access takes time and funds to be sustainable and we are hoping to reach this goal by 2028 with the partnership of the CBX and local telecoms.

Why This Is Important
Fiber broadband networks are becoming drivers and enablers of robust economic development and global competitiveness, fostering educational, business, and public service opportunities.
How Much Does the County Influence This?
In 2010, Clackamas County was awarded a federal BTOP grant and developed a self-sustaining dark fiber plant throughout the County establishing the Clackamas Broadband Exchange (CBX). This gave the County a fiber backbone as a base for economic expansion.

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