By 2020, five new, natural resource-based processors will be located in Clackamas County

Where We Are Now


As of June 2018, Clackamas County had approved four applications for new or expanded agricultural-based processors:

  1. Oregon Lavender Farm – essential oil distillery
  2. GOBI Industries – specialty hardwood mill operation
  3. Agrinos – a soil microbial processing facility
  4. Tonquin - gravel mining
  5. 6 Hemp + 3 Marijuana + 1 combo processing facilities
  6. 1 existing wholesale, warehousing, processing and shipping center for agricultural products (primarily grass and other seeds) in the EFU zone to add the processing of hemp (NCU – Alteration)

Business and Community Services (BCS) has developed an Agriculture Investment Plan, which is focused on fostering new agricultural markets and increasing agricultural land value in our county. BCS is working with partners to support small-scale farmers by building connections, providing resources, and facilitating market opportunities.

Why This Is Important

With its wealth of natural resources, Clackamas County is a logical location for resource-based processors, which will provide more jobs and support economic development, particularly in the rural area and rural cities.

How Much Does the County Influence This?

Moderately. The County can encourage processors to locate here and help identify appropriate sites, but the final decision is up to the processors.

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